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Making Your Own Belly Dance Videos and Filming

As a dancer, you may want to film yourself dancing for a variety of reasons, such as to create teaching materials for your students, to..

Tips for Organising a Belly Dance Hafla

Written by Valeria Lo Iacono. Hafla in Arabic means party and belly dancers around the world call their get together events hafla. Belly..

Promoting your own Belly Dance Classes, Lessons and Events

Being a web designer and a marketer is not normally something which us belly dancers are. There is though a definite benefit to having your..

Marketing Belly Dance Classes Online

If you have just set up a belly dancing class, then the key to success is a high attendance. In today’s technical age, one of the..

Arabic Music Interpretation for Dancers

Whether you are going to improvise or plan a piece of choreography, it is useful to think about how to interpret Arabic music. By..

Tips on Creating Belly Dance Choreography

Most belly dancers after having danced for a while, feel the need to develop their own choreographies. This may seem like a daunting task..

Dancing to Live Music

Dancing to live music is a great experience for any oriental dancer and performer. It is completely different from dancing to music..

Fitness and Strength Exercises for Belly Dancers

Belly dance is a wonderful all round activity, pastime and hobby for keeping fit. There are some ways though that you can also protect..

UK Belly Dance Congress

The International Bellydance Congress took place twice in the UK. The first edition was held in Butlin in Bognor Regis in 2007 and the..

Dance Therapy and Belly Dance

by Valeria Lo Iacono A few years ago, I attended a one day introductory course on dance therapy, organised by Bristol College and an..

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