Belly Dance

Dancing with Props

Raqs al assaya or dancing with a cane

Origins and Outfits The idea of belly dancing with canes originates from Egyptian folkloric dances, in particular from the Saiidi region in Upper Egypt. The …

Dancing with a Live Snake

by Valeria Lo Iacono Performing belly dance with a live snake can add an extra dimension and drama to your performance. However, dancing with live snakes is …

Using a Veil as a Belly Dance Prop

Using a veil during your belly dance performance, can add an extra dimension to your dance. Veils are usually suited to music which sounds airy and which …

Learning How to Play Finger Cymbals

Finger cymbals, also called sagat (or zagat) in Arabic or zills in Turkish, are small circles made of copper-nickel alloy and come in sets of four, two in each …

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