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Buying a CD

There some excellent resources for dancers available and I have thus tried to list the best of them below i..e many of my favourites and which i think can be helpful for belly dancers and all other dancers. If you think something is worth adding below then please email me.

Dance Holidays and Travel

Many belly dancers are signed up for AirBnB and I think it is a fantastic concept. Cheaper than hotels, the chance to stay with fellow belly dancers in their own homes and opportunities around the world. This is the main way I travel to experience dance in different countries.

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Learning and Studying Dance

There are some very good courses for students at every level from amateur through to professional level. The very best training from a practical point of view, I find is to go on a trip to one of the belly dancing countries such as Egypt, Morocco or Turkey. You can though also find traditional Egyptian dancers dotted around the globe and training with a professional dancer can be an excellent option. Immersing yourself though in training in a country such as Egypt really gives you the chance to truly understand the music and the vibe. See my post on learning to dance in Egypt.

If you want to study dance at university level, then in the UK some options include:

  • BA Dance degree at Cardiff Metropolitan, in Wales, UK.
  • Dance BA Hons at DeMontfort University in Leicester, England.

In the United States, some great options include:

Your own Dance Site

Make sure to read our page on promoting your own classes online for a good write-up on getting online with your own dance site. The main resources I recommend though are these:

Other Resources

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