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Loose coins

Coins for belly dance costumes

These coins are perfect if you want to create your own belly dance gear, or transform a simple piece of clothing, such as a plain top, into an original belly dance item.

They are sold in packets of 100 and are available in gold and silver

Size: 2/3 of an inch – 2 cm
Price £2.95 / Euros 3.50 / USD 4.50



Finger Cymbals

Belly dance finger cymbals

These inexpensive finger cymbals are perfect for beginners, if you wish to start learning how to use zagat to accompany your dance.

Price £9.99 / Euros 12.00 / USD 16.50

Finger Cymbals

belly dance sagat


Belly dance necklaces

These necklaces are entirely handmade in Turkey with coins and are available both in gold and in silver. They come into 2 different designs: triangular and rectangular.

Price: £ 12.00, Euros 13.50, USD 19.99

Coin necklace


Hand ornaments

Belly dance hand ornament

These hand ornaments are made with coins and available in silver. These also, like the necklaces, are handmade in Turkey.

Price: £ 12.00, Euros 13.50, USD 19.99



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