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Holland Belly Dance Classes

Raqs sharqi

Teacher: Sabouschka Zoumouroda

  • Classes location: Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • Classes held at Studio Stichting de Lichting, Brouwersgracht 140d.
  • Times taught in Haarlem: Beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  • Location: Rosenstock Huessy Huis, Hagestraat 10.
  • Advanced bellydance workshops in Utrecht available once a month on weekends at the Studio Akashat, Bilderdijkstraat 78.
  • Styles taught: Egyptian dance, including classical and modern styles, baladi, shaabi, Ghawazi, Fellahi and Saidi.
  • Experience and teaching style: Sabouschka has a background in contemporary dance and trained at the EDDC, Highschool of the Arts, in Arnhem, Holland. When she teaches belly dancing her emphasis is not only on technique, but also and especially on improvisation and feeling for the music. Sabouschka encourages her students to feel the music and develop their own style.
  • More information: Sabouschka has several years experience as a dancer and as a belly dancer. She is available to teach all over the world and she has already taught in several countries, including  Belgium, Egypt, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Switzerland and India. She regularly teaches in Holland and performs in various venues, Arabic restaurants and parties.
  • In terms of style, Sabouschka has a great affinity towards Egyptian music and she has been called the Samia Gamal of the West. She performs any type of Egyptian dance and she loves classical Egyptian dance, oriental style or raqs sharqi and also modern Egyptian oriental.
  • Other additional information: In the beginners classes students learn the basic movements of belly dancing, focus on coordination and get an initial understanding of the music. Sabouschka teaches simple routines and encourages students to start improvising. The classes for intermediate to advanced level include awareness and movement meditation exercises. Sabouschka introduces yoga and modern dance techniques to help students develop their skills in belly dancing. Students learn at their own pace and classes are suitable for all women, regardless of age, fitness level and figure.
    Sabouschka has a deep understanding of Egyptian dance and Arabic culture and has a huge interest in Eastern cultures and yoga. She speaks fluent German, English and Dutch and some French, Spanish and Egyptian.
  • Contact details: For more information about Sabouschka, her classes or her performances, call 06-12510806, email her,  or contact her through her website.

Teacher: Nadiya

  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: Rotterdam, Holland, Netherlands.
  • Level of lessons: From beginners to advanced.
  • Time and cost: Contact Nadiya or check for more details. Nadiya is also available for workshops and private classes.
  • Types taught: Egyptian and fusion styles.
  • Telephone contact: +31(0)617330679.
  • Other additional information: in the Beginners level, students learn the basic concepts of isolations and learn basic belly dance movements, including travelling steps. The intermediate level is suitable for students with at least one year of experience, who can learn more advanced moves and combinations. The advanced level is aimed at students with an extensive dance vocabulary, who will learn new styles and performance skills, such as musical interpretation and optimal use of the stage.
  • Interesting information: Nadiya is a dancer of Dutch – Turkish descent, who has trained in various dance forms, in addition to Oriental dance. She has studied with famous instructors such as Raqia Hassan and Suhaila Salimpour and regularly performs in Egypt.

Teacher: Majida

  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: Middelburg, Vlissingen, Zierikzee, Netherlands.
  • Level of lessons: From beginners to advanced for adults and children. Majida is also available to teach workshops.
  • Time and cost: evening daily classes. For detailed times and prices email Majida directly or check
  • Types of belly dance taught: various.
  • Telephone contact: 0031 (0) 654652478.
  • Other additional information: Majida has spent much of her youth in the Middle East, but it took her a while before discovering belly dance. Like many belly dancers, dance in itself has always been her passion. When Majida saw a programme on TV by belly dancer Kaouthar, she started wanting to learn this dance form. Majida started training with Kayla Belly Dance and started training as a professional belly dancer in 2006.
  • She has also attended several bellydance workshops worldwide with famous dancers, such as Leyla Jouvana, Rachel Brice, Dr Mo Geddawi, Gul, Petite Jamila, Ava Fleming and Bozenka from the Bellydance Superstars.
  • Interesting information: In October 2008, Majidah gained first place in the Dutch Championship in the category of Belly Dance Duo Female Adults with Nashwa.
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