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Becoming a Belly Dancer – Book Review

Becoming a Belly Dancer – Book Review

Introduction Who This Book is for and What It Covers Strengths of This Book Content Outline Introduction I have just …

Funoon Dance Trip to Rabat in Morocco with Nawarra

Funoon Dance Trip to Rabat in Morocco with Nawarra

Following the first dance camp trip I went to with Nawarra in Fes, Morocco, I liked it so much that I decided to go again and this time …

Tips on Creating Belly Dance Choreography

Tips on Creating Belly Dance Choreography

Most belly dancers after having danced for a while, feel the need to develop their own choreographies. This may seem like a daunting …

Making Your Own Belly Dance Videos and Filming

Making Your Own Belly Dance Videos and Filming

As a dancer, you may want to film yourself dancing for a variety of reasons, such as to create teaching materials for your students, …

Welcome to World Belly Dance

It was whilst living in the city of Seoul, Korea when an Iraqi friend introduced me to Middle Eastern dance, that my passion and a lifetime interest in this dance form was created. The opportunity to dance, to travel and also meet other people worldwide who share this interest makes this a hobby and lifestyle I love very much. It is also a hobby which helps to tone the body and help with fitness and health in addition to the fantastic social side of this dance form.

This dance form is also great for morale and practising it has given me the optimism and the strength to overcome some difficulties in life. In addition, it is also great to feel creative and I have always had a passion for dance and in particular a love for Arabic music.

This site is created to try and offer the whole belly dance and raqs sharqi community one portal where useful information for the  dance community is provided including with guides for teachers, students, academics and the media. You are welcome to send in your ideas, questions and media inquiries. I look forward to meeting you at one of the events, conferences or workshops in the UK, Europe and around the world which many of us often attend.

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