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Top 10 Lists – This section includes lists of top 10 most popular items to do with belly dancing, such as top ten most popular/advisable countries to visit to study oriental dance.

Styles – There are several different styles of belly dancing and oriental dance, according to geographical areas or music they are danced to. Find out more.

Dancing With Props – Every style of Middle Eastern dance can involve the use of different props, such as veils, canes, swords and more. Read about belly dance props.

Music – All you need to know about music for belly dance and oriental dancing, from the most common rhythms to CD reviews, lists of musicians, Middle Eastern instruments and songs’ lyrics.

History – A brief overview of the history of this enchanting art form that is belly dancing. Read more about this ancient art form, where it originated from and how it spread around the world.

Health Benefits – Belly dance has many physical and psychological benefits. Read more about how practising it can help people mentally and physically.

Pregnancy And Dance – Belly dancing was originally born as a fertility dance, especially targeting those muscles that help women delivering a baby. Find out more about pregnancy and belly dance.

FAQs – In this section you will be able to find the answer to some questions you may have about belly dancing.

Dance Therapy – Dance can be a helpful tool to help healing the mind, or even just to help people maintain their mental balance and relieve everyday stress.

Free Dance Infographic – Embed and copy my free infographic on the history of belly dance.

Reviews – Valeria reviews the latest belly dance DVDs, books, movies and latest television shows from around the world.

Interviews – Interviews with the best dancers and musicians from around the world. Wish to be interviewed? Let us know!

Other Dance Styles – Many of you as belly dancers, I am sure love to explore other dance forms also. Here I discuss other types of dance also.

Famous belly Dancers – Section about famous belly dancers who have been and are an inspiration for belly dance enthusiasts all over the world.

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There are many excellent sites and resources online if you are a part of the dance community and below are some of the most useful sites which I sometimes check and find are helpful. In North America, the Arabesque Dance Company IBCC – Bellydance Company and International bellydance Conference of Canada also teach classes, drum classes, workshops and sometimes produce their own DVD and CDs. In the UK there are so many great teachers I have met that I cannot name them all. For trips with friends such as Farida see the Egypt trip review page.

Belly dance is a wonderful way for women (but also men) to feel empowered and given that people of all shapes and sizes enjoy learning about dance, movement and get the chance to socialise in a relaxed atmosphere, belly dancing classes are a great way to spend one or two hours a month.

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