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All of the resources and shopping choices below are ones I have used personally and which I can recommend. There are some excellent resources for dancers available and I have thus tried to list the best of them below i.e. many of my favourites and which I think can be helpful for belly dancers and all other dancers. If you think something is worth adding below then please email me.

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Favourite Books

Belly Dance: The Teacher’s Book: Methodology, guidance and didactic resources – A great book by Amaya Felices which I found very useful with some of the ideas she gives very handy as a belly dance teacher. Some of the ideas might be basic but this book is still worth buying.

Belly Dance Journal – Another very interesting book whether you are a student or teacher and just looking to understand belly dance more. An easy read from Lauren “Zehara” Haas.

Global Moves: Belly Dance as an Extra/Ordinary Space to Explore Social Paradigms in Egypt and Around the World – A more academic and theoretical style book on this dance form and written by Caitlin McDonald, If you have any interest in dance as a researcher, this book involves studies which took place in Egypt, UK and the US.

Belly Dance Choreography by Leyla Najma: Text and Combos to Help the Perplexed Choreographer – Leila Najma has written what I found to be a very useful book on creating choreography. I have referred to this book several times and can recommend it.

Belly Dancing: The Sensual Art of Energy and Spirit – This book by Pina, Anette and Jean is a great introduction to this art form. The book covers a lot of areas to do with belly dance including  on issues such as posture and the history. I loved this book.

Serpent of the Nile: Women and Dance in the Arab World – This book is very useful if you want to find out more about the history of woman and dance in the Arab world.

A Trade Like Any Other: Female Singers and Dancers in Egypt – This book is based on research about female performers in Egypt and is an excellent resource for anyone studying dance.

Belly Dance: The Teacher’s Book: Methodology, guidance and didactic resources– Really interesting read with some great tips and ideas for teaching dance. Very useful and one of the best books on the list if you have to choose one.

DVDS Worth Buying

The Baladi: Bellydance Egyptian Style, with Ranya Renée – I might be biased perhaps in that I love the Egyptian form of belly dance more than any other, but this is one of my favourite DVDs and is particularly good for learning about improvisation techniques.

Belly Dance Basics and Beyond: – a great Dvd for beginners by Jenna and although I no longer need beginners lessons myself, I find it great as a teacher and think that it can be a great Dvd to watch no matter what your level is.

Serpentine: Bellydance with Rachel Brice: Complete belly dancing instructional program – This 2 dvd set by Rachel Brice is another very good one for learning dance, with a focus on the tribalstyle. Rachel combines yoga with dance in her videos and gives some very interesting ideas for isolating moves.


A set of wrist cuffs make a nice decorative addition to an outfit.

For a full outfit for a reasonable price (not the quality you will get if you go to Egypt but a decent enough outfit for beginners) –

Dance Accommodation

With other Belly dancers through Airbnb – Many belly dancers are signed up for AirBnB and I think it is a fantastic concept. Cheaper than hotels, the chance to stay with fellow belly dancers in their own homes and opportunities around the world. This is the main way I travel to experience dance in different countries. Get GBP£15 FREE towards your first stay by signing up here!!

AirBnb – I always tend to use because they tend to have a good reviews sections and an excellent range of hotels including in Egypt, Turkey, Morocco and USA, the countries I travel to most often for belly dance training, conferences of events.

Trips and Airport Transports in Belly Dance Cities

Casablanca, Morocco



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