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10 Myths about Belly Dance

Belly dance, Raqs Sharki, oriental dance, Arabic dance, Middle Eastern dance or whatever you prefer to call it, has always been victim on..

10 Countries for Learning Belly Dance

I have listed below 10 countries, which are good to visit if you wish to learn about belly dancing, whether you wish to take lessons from..

Top 10 Male Belly Dancers and Teachers

Nowadays, belly dance is a predominantly female art form; however,  in the past it was not so. In belly dance’s countries of origin..

10 Items for Performing in a Belly Dance Show

by Valeria Lo Iacono If you are performing for the first time or are relatively new to doing live shows, there are several items you might..

10 items of Clothing for Belly Dance

by Valeria Lo Iacono If you are getting started, you might be interested to get an idea of the clothing you might want to buy. For your..

10 Famous Belly Dancers

There are so many great belly dancers who have taught and performed over the last few decades that it is very hard to choose the best. I..

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