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What is Moroccan Shikhat Dance

by Valeria Lo Iacono Shikhat is the name given in Morocco to the performers of this type of dance. In standard Arabic Shikha means ‘the..

Burlesque and Belly Dance: Differences and Similarities

As a dance lover, even though raqs sharqi is my favourite form of expression, I always try to train in different dance genres, as I think..

Learning Belly Dance using Online Resources

The best way to learn belly dancing is in a class with a teacher, as she will be able to give you feedback. However, you may want to..

How Practising Contemporary Dance can help Belly Dancers

Belly dance and contemporary dance are two dance genres that are extremely different from each other and at first sight they hardly have..

Iraqi Kawliya and Khaleeji Dance

I have written about these two different forms of dance in the same post, because, although they are different, they have some elements in..

Bellydance for Beginners with Suhaila

General DVD considerations – This is a set of four belly dance fitness DVDs with Suhaila Salimpour, which you can buy individually or,..

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