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Classical Musicians

There are several classical Egyptian musicians who have written and played music for belly dance and some of the very best are listed below. Lower down you can also find our thoughts on the best Egyptian pop music and musicians.

1. Hossam Ramzy

Hossam Ramzy is at the moment one of the most famous Egyptian tabla players and composers among belly dancers. Hossam Ramzy was born in Cairo and has been playing music since an early age. Since moving to the UK in the 1970s, Hossam has performed with famous artists such as Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. He is now based in London and, in addition to composing music and performing, he runs workshops with his belly dancer wife Serena Ramzy. Hossam and Serena travel the world teaching and performing and they have also made some dance instructional DVDs.

2. Hassam Abou El Seoud

Hassam Abou El Seoud is one of the greatest Egyptian composers and musicians of all times.  Hassam Abou El Seoud , especially appreciated for his accordion skills, has co-operated with many Egyptian stars and legends, including Farid Al Atrash. One of his most famous compositions for belly dance is Shik Shak Shok, whose most famous performance is that by Soheir Zaki in 1979, in the Egyptian movie ‘Yomhel w la yohmel’

3. Essam Rashad

Essam Rashad was born in Cairo he began writing music at a very early age and has co-operated with the Egyptian national Classical Orchestra. Essam Rashad is particularly skilled in playing the oud and the violin.

4. Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Mohamed Abdel Wahab was one of the most prolific Egyptian composers and singers and oud player and is one of the most popular Classical Egyptian musicians.  Mohamed Abdel Wahab was born in Cairo in 1907 and he wrote and sung  hundreds of songs. He was also influenced by Western music, especially in the second half of his career.  A famous belly dance song by Mohamed Abdel Wahab is Leyle Hob (Night of love).

Belly dance in Luxor

Egyptian Pop Music and Musicians

Egyptian pop music has developed Since the 1970s, with its roots in the traditional rhythms but with a modern twist. Some of the most popular Egyptian pop musicians are listed below.

Amr Diab

Amr Diab iss one of the most know Egyptian pop musicians in the world, with at least 16 top selling albums and worldwide tours. Amr Diab’s repertoire includes several songs loved by belly dancers over the world, such as the famous Habibi.


Shereen is an Egyptian singer and actress, who graduated in a prominent  Egyptian music Academy. Her first hit, famous among belly dancers, is Ah YaLeil.

Mohamed Hamaki

Mohamed Hamaki is an Egyptian singer. His first album was called “Khallena N’eesh” (Let’s Live!)  and was released in 2003. It features 10 songs all arranged by the famous arranger Tarek Madkour.


Hakim, nicknamed the ‘Lion of Egypt’ is famous worldwide and has toured many countries in the world. His music is close to the roots of Egyptian music, but it has a modern edge at the same time. Hakim is very famous among belly dancers, with album such as ‘Lela’, which includes the songs Aamelna Ele Aalena, Ha  Boussou, Eda Baa among others. His style his shaabi.


Ruby started her career as a model and she is now a famous Egyptian actress and singer. Her two albums are Eba’a Abelni and Meshit Wara Ehsasy. Ruby’s first music video was Enta Aref Leih, in which she appears as a belly dancer. Another hit by Ruby is Leih Bedari Keda.

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Valeria is a dance researcher completing a PhD in dance and heritage. Valeria also teaches and performs as a belly dance but also enjoys learning ballet, jazz dance and other dance genres.

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