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Dance of the Womb: Pregnancy & Birth DVD Review

General description

This DVD is a very good resource for any woman who would like to use belly dance as a form of exercise during pregnancy, under the guidance of an expert (Maha has been running belly dance for birth classes in Australia for over a decade and has practiced bellydance during her own three pregnancies). Also, the routines in this DVD are aimed at helping you relax and gain confidence in your body. The fact that Maha’s tone of voice is very soothing and relaxing is also of great help. The 2 DVDs in the box set are very inspiring and help women being less scared of the whole delivery experience.


DVD Content

This is a DVD set with 2 discs. The first one is aimed at movements and dances, while the second one contains a brief music video and a short film in which Maha shares her experience of giving birth naturally.

DVD 1 content:

  • Warm up routine. This includes relaxation and breathing and light stretches and movements to mobilise the joints, mostly done sitting down.
  • Dance routines, which include routines for: hip circles; spiral movements; figures of 8; the cervix; hands and arms; chest. All the movements in this section are very slow and relaxed.
  • 7 minute relaxation section.

DVD 2 content:

  • Music video with images of Maha during pregnancy.
  • Short film about Maha’s experience of giving birth at home in water. The film also includes an interview with two midwives. Overall, this can be of help for women who need to hear advice from different sources and are interested in hearing other people’s experiences.

Advised level

Any level, including beginners. Dance experience is not required; however, I think that viewers should have at least a grasp of basic belly-dance movements, in order to make the most out of the routines in this DVD. Overall, there is a feeling of relaxation throughout the DVD, with Maha’s soothing voice and very fluid and clam music in the background. The overall impression is that it is a bit new age, but these movements are still good for keeping the body supple and strong during pregnancy. So, nothing harsh or hard to do but very soft and relaxing.  Of course, you should always seek medical advice before doing exercise during pregnancy, but this DVD seems good to help support women during pregnancy.

Find out more about belly dance and pregnancy and about Maha and her dance for birth programme.

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Valeria is a dance researcher completing a PhD in dance and heritage. Valeria also teaches and performs as a belly dance but also enjoys learning ballet, jazz dance and other dance genres.

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