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Tribal Fusion Belly Dance DVD Review

tribal fusion

Yoga, Isolations and drills: a practice companion with Rachel Brice (from the Bellydance Superstars series)

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General DVD considerations

This belly dance DVD focuses in particular on tribal belly dance style, but it is a good practice companion for every bellydancer, no matter what the practised style is. Rachel Brice uses yoga moves to guide you through a body warm up session and to help you strengthen some muscles, which are particularly involved in belly dance moves. Yoga exercises are followed by drills on a range of basic belly dance movements, such as shoulder figures of eight, chest lifts and drops and more.

The moves in this belly dance DVD are clearly explained, it is a good practice companion and it is great if you want to focus on practicing some fundamental belly dance moves and strengthen your muscles. However, you would be disappointed if you were looking for a dance routine to learn, as Rachel, in this DVD does not teach any dance routine or steps. There is only a brief performance in this DVD, which can inspire you if you practice tribal style belly dance.

Fitness Fusion Content

The DVD guides you through three different training sessions, according to the time you have available. The DVD contains three training sessions each lasting: 15, 30 and 45 minutes. Each session is structured as follows:

  • Yoga exercises to warm up
  • Belly dance drills, which focus on some fundamental belly dance moves that are common to different styles, such as chest lifts and drops, hip tucks lateral and frontal, chest rolls forward and reverse, shoulder
    figures of eight and a few more.
  • Another yoga exercise, to help you cool down

The DVD also includes a tribal belly dance performance by Rachel Brice and a brief introduction by Carolena Nericcio, the creator of American Tribal Style Belly Dance.

Advised level

This belly dance DVD is suitable as an instructional DVD for beginners, who want to learn some basic moves. It is also suitable for more advanced levels, as a companion to practice drills and help create structure and find motivation, which otherwise could be difficult if practising on your own.

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