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Class in Epsom

Teacher’s name: Michelle

  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: Teddington, Surbiton, Kingston, New Malden (teaches in Surrey and Middlesex).
  • Levels taught: Various levels from beginners through to advanced.
  • Where and when: Various lessons so please see the website
  • Types taught: Egyptian and Fusion styles.
  • Telephone contact: 07949937341 to call for information on the latest classes.
  • Other additional information: I am an accredited fitness and studio instructor and PT…as well as belly dance instructor.  Always striving to add to my knowledge of fitness and dance and passing to my students.  Also running a Student troupe – Infinity for professional and semi -pro engagements as well as the Professional belly dance show Silk Route ( Intrigued with belly dance? Why not contact me for a quick chat or email?
  • A qualified fitness instructor with the YMCA as well as ongoing professional bellydance training – I teach beginners through intermediate in various locations. Primary style is Egyptian, along with fusion.
  • Interesting information: Drawn to the art of Middle Eastern dance at a young age and a child of British and Lebanese parents – my love of bellydance has resulted in dancing and teaching! Including, folkloric, oriental and pop. I enjoy the fun, the fitness and the enjoyment/feedback from students.

Teacher: Melissa Abraham

  • Location: Croydon, London, and Sutton.
  • Classes (All classes held in mirrored studios).
  • Venue: Solutions Health & Fitness Club, Lansdowne Road, Croydon.
  • Time and Dates: Contact Melissa for the latest times, dates and venues.
  • Contact: email:
  • Telephone: Contact Melissa on 020 8 657 4229.
  • Experience & style: well-established tutor in Croydon area over 14 years. Masters with whom she has studied on a regular basis (i.e. professional level tuition of approx. 6 days per year with each tutor) are: Yousry Sharif, Raqia Hassan, Beata & Horacio Cifuentes. She has also learned much from Zaza Hassan & Shareen el Safy & has studied on an occasional basis with many others including: Aida Noor, Mahmood Reda, Magdy el Leisy, Lubna Eman, Nadia Hamdi, Diana, Samasen, Ibrahim Akif, Randa Kamel, Dina, Nourhan Sharif, Tito, Kazafy & others. Most recently she has also studied with Momo Kadous. She keeps in touch with the dance debate, trends & developments worldwide by participating in International Oriental dance festivals several times each year, by attending seminars and meeting other teachers in many countries. Beside teaching workshops and up to 11 to 12 classes each week, she is also a well-known dance events organiser & workshop agent for top international tutors.
  • She is a well established teacher in Croydon, Greater London, where she has been teaching for almost 10 years – also Sutton; she teaches at all levels. She teaches Arabic dance within a cultural and educational context; uses mirrored studios. Available for haflas, workshops, performances, events, charity functions, (locally & elsewhere in the UK); private tuition.

Teacher: Charlotte Desorgher

  • Location: Surrey, Croydon and Wallington.
  • Level: From beginners to advanced.
  • Time/Cost: check Charlotte’s website
  • Type taught: Egyptian (raqs orientale, saidi, modern Cairo style) khaleegi (Gulf style).
  • Contact: email:
  • Telephone: 01342 850423 (landline) or 07802 499728 (mobile).
  • Experience & style: Charlotte started belly dancing twenty years ago in the eighties. Since then she travelled in the Middle East, learning more about belly dance from the local women. Now she travels regularly to Egypt and takes master classes to continue her development as a belly dancer. She now has classes in Croydon, Surrey.

Teacher: Nafiseh

  • Email contact:
  • Location: Kingston Upon Thames, East Molesey.
  • Level of lessons: Beginners.
  • Time and costs: Please see my website or contact her directly.
  • Types taught: Egyptian Style, including folkloric and Oriental.
  • Telephone contact: 07719 315180.
  • Other additional information: Over 5 years of dancing experience and 3 years of teaching experience.  Classes range from Beginners to Intermediates.
  • Interesting information: Nafiseh is a British born dancer of Persian descent who fell in love with Egyptian dance after visiting Egypt and has been dancing for 10 years and teaching for the past 7 years.Egyptian music has a depth and emotion that is hardwired straight to the soul.  Egyptian dance, rather than being about ‘cool moves’ or theatrics is the perfect reflection of that depth of feeling – sometimes subtle, sometimes cheeky but always incredibly powerful.

Teacher: Eva Green

  • Professional Name: Jumanah
  • Location: Epsom, Surrey, UK.
  • All levels taught for students of belly dance from beginners to advanced classes in Epsom, Surrey.
  • Time/Cost: Check Eva’s website
  • Types: Egyptian and Turkish.
  • Contact: email:
  • Telephone: 02083937485 (landline), 07775872227 (mobile)
  • Experience & style: Eva has several years experience in belly dance and studied with some of the most famous belly dancers in the world, including Serena Ramzy, Anna Vitalis from Hungary, Yasmina of Cairo, Sarah Farouk, Aida Nour and many more. Eva now teaches dancing in Epsom in Surrey.

Teacher: Mine Moran

  • Location: Kingston Upon Thames and Twickenham, Surrey.
  • Level: Various levels.
  • Time/Cost: Check directly with Mine.
  • Type of Belly Dance: Turkish.
  • Contact email:
  • Telephone: 07985173516.
  • Experience & style: Mine has more than 19 years practising Turkish style belly dance and has a degree in Turkish Folk Dance and Turkish Folk Music. The belly dance style she teaches is Turkish, with a lot of folk influence.

Teacher’s name: Jennie

  • Location: Kelly’s Dance Studio, Hampton Wick, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.
  • Lesson for students at beginners level.
  • Time and costs: Various. Please contact Kelly.
  • Types taught: Egyptian (Oriental, baladi, saidi).
  • Email address:
  • Experience and style: I am an Egyptian style belly dancer and have studied under Jacqui Jamal, Krystina Gould, Eva Green and Charlotte Desorgher.  I have recently completed the Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance (JWAAD) foundation course and am an affiliate member of the JWAAD Teachers’ Association.  I am also co-organiser of Arabesque Nights Bellydance Cabaret in Gunnersbury.
  • More information on Belly dancing classes Kingston upon Thames: Jennie first fell in love with belly dance at the tender age of 15 when a dancer in a music video inspired her to take her first class. After setting off to university and unable to find a teacher nearby, the belly dancing dreams were sadly put on the shelf, only to be returned to with a vengeance some years later. Jennie is now passionate about sharing her love of the beautiful art of oriental dance with others and firmly believes that inside everyone is a belly dancing diva just waiting to get out!
  • From 2009 – 2012 Jennie was a member of the Egyptianize Dance Company, winners of Miss Bellydance UK 2011 Oriental Group section; Shimmy In The City group competition 2011; Silver medallists in Fantasia festival Palace Dancers Award 2011 and 2nd place winners Miss Bellydance UK 2012 Oriental Group section.
  • Jennie is also co-organiser of the monthly themed bellydance cabaret ‘Arabesque Nights’ in Gunnersbury.Jennie creates a warm, supportive and fun environment for her students, welcoming women of all ages, shapes, sizes and experience to explore their creativity, build their self-confidence and keep fit.
  • Classes are currently run on a 5 week course basis but students are welcome at any point in the term. The class is suitable for beginners and improvers.Classes start with a warm up, followed by technique and building up to a fun choreography step by step, the class ends with a cool down.
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Valeria is a dance researcher completing a PhD in dance and heritage. Valeria also teaches and performs as a belly dance but also enjoys learning ballet, jazz dance and other dance genres.

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