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  • Teacher: Lorelle.
  • Teaches in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Level: Classes and lessons for all levels.
  • Time/Cost: Lorelle teaches private belly dance classes or workshops. You can book for lessons and/or workshops with Lorelle, by contacting her using the phone number below.
  • Types: Mainly Egyptian style but also cabaret, classical, saidi and ghawazee.
  • Email: lorelle @
  • Telephone: 07 3368 1653
  • Experience & style: Lorelle has started studying belly dance since 1990 and has been teaching Middle Eastern dance in Brisbane since 1997. She studied and attended workshops with a lot of famous dancers, such as Raqia Hassan, Aida Noor, Yasmina, Dr Mo Geddawi among the others. Lorelle’s preferred style is Egyptian style.
  • For more information check Lorelle’s bellydance website.


  • Teacher’s name: Aradia.
  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: Canberra City.
  • Level: Beginners.
  • Level 1 – Introduction to Bellydance  6.30pm Wednesdays.
  • Types taught: Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Greek & Folkloric.
  • Contact address: The Space, 34 East Row Civic (in the bus interchange under IGA).
  • Telephone contact: 0417001563.
  • Other information: Aradia has over 13 years experience in bellydance and over 25 years of various dance styles under her belt (pardon the pun!) such as ballroom, salsa, hip hop, contemporary, funk, popping & locking and much more! Spellbound Bellydance Academy is a fun and vibrant dance school with a strong focus on technique. Aradia has been seen on So You Think You Can Dance as well as countless festivals and performances around the world. Visit the website for more class information and FIRST CLASS IS FREE!
  • Teachers: Kirrily, Angelina and Claire.
  • Location: Canberra, Australia.
  • Level: Beginners and intermediate lessons.
  • Time/Cost: for updated time and cost, please contact Bahira Bellydance directly (details below).
  • Type taught: Different types of belly dance, including Egyptian, Persian, Turkish, folkloric, cabaret and tribal.
  • Address: Bahirah Bellydance, Lyons Scout Hall, Tooms Place, Lyons Canberra ACT.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 0416 156 061.
  • Experience & style: Claire has been dancing for six years and her main influences are Egyptian folk, cabaret and tribal. Angelina has a broad knowledge of belly dance from different countries, such as Iran, Turkey and Egypt and teaches modern, classical and folkloric belly dance styles. Killrily has been belly dancing since 2001 and she has travelled to Egypt and Turkey. Kirrily’s style is a blend of Egyptian and modern Turkish belly dance.


  • Teacher: Eugenia
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia.
  • Teaches beginners and intermediate.
  • Time/Cost: for updated time and cost, please contact Eugenia.
  • Type taught: Egyptian baladi.
  • Address: The Aegean Restaurant, Level 2, 19 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3065.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 0407 770 164
  • Experience & style: Eugenia has been teaching baladi bellydance for over ten years.
  • Further information: Eugenia runs a dance School in Melbourne called Dance Baladi Studio, where Eugenia and her team of dance teachers run course in different dance types and styles. These invclude bellydance, burlesque, Bollywood, hip hop, African dance and even cooking courses. Find out more about Eugenia on the Dance Baladi Studio website.
  •  Teacher: Jewel
  • Braybrook Melbourne classes.
  • Email:
  • Location: Hawthorn and Braybrook, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Level: All levels.
  • Time/Costs: Weeknight lessons for all levels; for a full timetable visit
  • Types: Egyptian, cabaret, folkloric. Props, including asaya, sword and veil.
  • Telephone: (03) 9379 8471.
  • Interesting information: Jewel has over 24 years experience as a belly dance teacher and performer. She currently teaches in her belly dance studio called ‘Jewel Bellydance’ and performs at events, both parties and corporate events and runs dance workshops. She has experience in various belly dance styles such as folkloric, cabaret and Egyptian and she also teaches and performs Bollywood style dance.
  • Teacher’s name: Kristen.
  • Preston Melbourne Egyptian style classes.
  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: Jurmaine Health, 538a Murray Rd, Preston, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Level of lessons: Beginners to advanced.
  • Other additional information: Kristen teaches Egyptian style bellydance classes and workshops from beginner to advanced level covering everything from the history of the dance to technical aspects, combinations and choreographies. Kristen has taught dance professionally since the age of 16 and is also a practicing sports kinesiologist with a wealth of experience to share about human movement and dance.
  • Interesting information: A professional bellydancer of Mediterranean descent who performs regularly at various functions across Melbourne. Kristen’s passion for dance started when she was young, she has trained and performed a variety of styles for over 20 years and has spent over 10 of those years in dance teaching roles. Kristen also holds a post-graduate diploma in Arts Management and is a qualified Sports Kinesiologist specialising in the mind, body connection.
  • Contact address:
  • Telephone contact: 0417 501 674.

Pascoe Vale, Victoria

  • Teacher’s name: Jenni
  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: Pascoe Vale South, Victoria, Australia.
  • Level of lessons: Beginners.
  • Time and cost of lessons and classes: Days & Evening classes.  Prices on Application.
  • Teaches traditional Egyptian belly dance & baladi.
  • Contact address:
  • Telephone contact: 0416031602.
  • Other additional information: Jenni is an Australian Nationally Trained & Accredited Belly Dancer. She has been teaching for 9 years and she has studied belly dance for 25 years.  Jenni has been trained in Cairo and in  Australia and has danced in the Middle East.  She is specialised in Egyptian beledi. Beginners to advanced classes available. Dedicated, mirrored, air-conditioned dance studio with friendly operators and a safe environment for women. Open 6 days a week. Classes are broken down so you learn at your own pace. Belly dancing is a fun and healthy way to get fit and stay toned.


  • Teacher: Jade
  • Location: northern suburbs, Perth, WA, Australia.
  • Address:Meerilinga Centre, northern suburbs, Perth, WA.
  • Levels taught: Intermediate, Mixed level.
  • Time and cost: Varies with the centre & term length.
  • Types of oriental dance taught: Contemporary bellydance, Egyptian Raqs sharqi,Tribal to eclectic fusion.
  • Telephone: 0417 964 688.
  • Email address:
  • Experience and style: experienced instructor – 15 years? teaching beledi & contemporary as inspired by master teachers of Arabic dance. Beginning to ongoing levels – exploring styles inspired by M Reda and signature moves of the great dancers of the Middle East, plus more… !
  • Performance group: Afrah Belles.
  • Website address: for more information go on


  •  Teacher: Daria
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Level: Beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  • Time/Cost: weekly bellydance lessons and classes. For updated time and cost, contact Daria directly.
  • Types: Raqs Sharqi.
  • Address: Classes are held in two locations: ‘Kogarah School of Arts Bowns Rd, Kogarah’ and in ‘Riviera Dance Studio Unit 18, 15-23 Kumulla Rd, Taren Point’.
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 0417 371 115.
  • Experience & style: Daria has been into Middle Eastern dance for the last 10 years. She is one of the founding members of Desert Jewels troupe and 1001 Nights Theatrical extravaganza. Also, she has studied and attended workshops with many famous belly dance teachers, such as Horacio and Beata Cifuentes, Leila from Egypt, Carolina, Yasmina and more. Daria’s dancing includes performances with veils, Isis wings, sword balancing and she also sometimes performs with a live snake. More information can be found on Daria’s website.


  • Teacher: Sejhatra
  • Email:
  • Location: City of Stirling, Joondalup, Wanneroo, Northern suburbs, Perth, WA, Australia.
  • Level: Beginning, progressors, to performance as part of Afrah Belles troupe.
  • Types: Traditional, contemporary, fusion, Raqs Sharqi, inspired by master teachers local & overseas.
  • Address: c/o Homestead Kingsley 6026,  WA, Australia.
  • Telephone: 61 417 964 688
  • Website:
  • Other additional Information other: 12 years teaching bellydance,accredited,trained,Safe Dance, fitness certs, insured, First Aid, COJ Lifestyle Course Instructor.


  • Name: Virginia – Cinnamon Twist School of Belly Dance.
  • Location of classes: Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Level of lessons: various levels.
  • Time and cost: Weekly classes for all ages and levels, see our website for current timetable.
  • Types: Traditional folkloric and contemporary cabaret belly dance. Specialties include Egyptian styles, Turkish and North African dances. We also provide classes in Arabic drumming, Bollywood, Prenatal Belly dance and Mummy & Me classes.
  • Contact address: Shop 3/ 6 Kenny st, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Telephone contact: 0242261861.
  • Email contact:
  • Interesting information: Virginia is the director and principal of Wollongong’s largest centre for the study of traditional Middle Eastern dance and contemporary belly dance. Virginia’s teaching philosophy is based on the notion that dance is a community endeavor as well as a personal journey. She is strongly committed to providing quality instruction in a supportive, fun and encouraging environment. Virginia has a PhD from the University of Wollongong. Her thesis focuses on the representation of belly dance in contemporary literature and culture. She is available on request for lectures, seminars and/or belly dance demonstrations.
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