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Valeria in DetroitThere are a number of excellent teachers and venues for learning belly dance in the Michigan area including in Detroit, Grand, Lansing, Flint, Travelers City, Fenton, Berkely, Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs, Allegan and Sterling Heights. Below is the latest updated list of teachers offering lessons and classes in these areas. (If you offer lessons email us or if you need your information updated please just let us know).


Lana of Detroitbellydance

Lana – Lana is one of the most active teachers and performers in the Detroit, Michigan area, and she offers a number of workshops, classes and proactively organises shows and events within the local area. Lana has studied raqs sharqi in Egypt, Morocco and Iraq and once performed for the U.S. singer songwriter Usher.

Lana also tends to perform at the annual Detroit Raqs Sharqi Show. For classes, Lana normally teaches in West Bloomfield and in Birmingham. Further information is available from Lana’s site at:

Abida Blaze (and Blazing BellyDance)

Abida started her dance group almost ten years ago and is heavily involved in the belly dance scene in the south eastern area of Michigan and a lot of her work also helps to raise funds for very worthwhile charities in the local community. Abida has trained in a variety of dance forms and is an established dancer and a regular performer and teacher in Michigan.

Abida gives classes and workshops in the Detroit area, teaching beginners in her classes and also often offering finger cymbals training. She also holds quite regular workshops on weekends including for finger cymbals, drum solos and in basic dance moves. Further information:


Adaeze Abeni (who performs and teaches under the stage name of ‘Stephanie’) has trained under a number of the best known dancers including the likes of Yasmina, Aziza Ammar and Tarik Sultan and is now a regular performer on the raqs sharqi circuit and with her own unique and passionate style. 

Stephanie teaches in a number of venues in the Detroit area including in the following venues:

  • Wayne County Community College
  • Eastern Campus
  • Hannan House (Mid-Town)
  • University Center (Harper Woods)

She teaches beginners and other levels and also offers private 1-to-1 lessons. Further information with detailed classes information is available from: Mindbellysoul classes.

Mary weed (Stage name: Za’hra)

Za’hra is based in Ann Arbor in Michigan (approx 40 km from Detroit) and is one of the best dancers on the Michigan belly dance circuit. Za’hra (and her colleague ‘Ghalia’) offer regular classes in Ann Arbor and perform regularly. You can contact Mary for performance enquiries via:

Around Michigan

Brenda (Troupe Sabba Zimor)

Brenda teaches in the Swartz Creek area of Michigan (quite close to the town of Flint) in her own home studio (I am envious). She also performs often and is a regular on the Michigan State raqs sharqi circuit, including at the annual Great Lakes Belly Dance Convention. Brenda focuses on all Arabic styles and is an accomplished dancer who has over fifteen years experience as a performer and teacher.

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Valeria is a dance researcher completing a PhD in dance and heritage. Valeria also teaches and performs as a belly dance but also enjoys learning ballet, jazz dance and other dance genres.

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