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Somerset Dance Classes – Bath, Yeovil, Glastonbury

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Teacher: Victoria Bone

  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: Holy Trinity Church Hall, Monmouth Place, Bath.
  • Level of lessons: Beginners.
  • Time and cost of classes: Email Victoria for updated information.
  • Types taught: Tribal Fusion.
  • Telephone contact: 07899090229.
  • Interesting information: I was inspired to start belly dance classes eight years ago by a friend. Enchanted by the feminine power and energy felt in the dance it soon became an obsession. Working with a dynamic group of women I became part of a Al Uzza dance group putting on local shows and Haflas. Then a couple years ago by chance stumbling across a Tribal belly dance DVD I found my true dance home.
  • Tribal Fusion belly dance is a unique blend of traditional and modern dance. Largely drawing on the American Tribal Style with its Egyptian hips, Rajasthani influance, strong flamenco upper body attitude in the hands and arms. Fusion goes on to explore the boundaries of modern dance forms combined with the dancers own expression, drawing the audience in on her journey.
  • The class is beginers Tribal Fusion style with a wide range of students some of whom are completely new to any form of dance and others are more experienced Egyptian style bellydancers. Warm up include some yoga poses and strength training (so bring a mat if you have one). Next we work on drills and isolation associated with Tribal Fusion style, finishing by dancing the moves in short combs or an ongoing choreography before stretching out and cooling down.
  • For more information on belly dancing classes Bath, check Victoria Bone’s tribal dance website.

Teacher: Suraya

  • Location of classes: Saltford (Avon), Bath (Somerset), UK.
  • Level of lessons: Mixed level.
  • Time and cost: Email Suraya for the latest information.
  • Types taught: A variety of styles including folkloric, gypsy, Egyptian, props and the lessons are always a lot of fun!
  • Contact address:
  • Telephone contact: 07843557930.
  • Other additional information: Both classes have mixed ages, ability and experience! So all are welcome! The classes are fun, light-hearted and a fusion of different styles. Technique and coverage of moves happens every week before we put together mini combinations.
  • Interesting information: My mum once came home and said: “Guess what? I’m starting a belly dancing class!” and I replied with: “Not without me!” I/we have now been dancing on and off for about 7 years. I studied initially with a fantastic dancer from Somerset and attended many different workshops with experienced dancers and teachers. Along the way, my love for the dance has continued to grow as I have met beautiful and inspiring women.
  • After my time at university and starting my teaching job I decided I was ready to further my belly dance career. I recently took the JWAAD foundation teacher training course and received great marks and feedback. I have now taught belly dancing for around 2 years and have some wonderful students. A small selection of my dancers now perform with me at events (but this is only a selection so no pressure!!) and we are named ‘Desert Gems’. Do come along and have a go. Trust me, you’ll feel better for it!

Teacher: Raheesha

  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: Yeovil, Glastonbury, South Petherton and Midsomer Norton, Somerset.
  • Level of lessons: Various levels.
  • Time and cost: Raheesa can supply you the latest classes information by email.
  • Types taught: Turkish, Egyptian, American Tribal, Flamenco Arabic, Zills, Veils, sword, Samba belly and Bollywood.
  • Telephone contact: 07815 139981
  • Other additional information: American born Raheesha has been dancing professionally for more than a decade and teaching in Somerset since 2002. With a background in ballet, I never felt I was built to be a ballerina, so it was like a new door opened for me when I discovered Middle Eastern Dance. I know of no other dance that allows you to celebrate being a woman as bellydance does. What started as a hobby has grown into a total love affair and has led to me study with some of the legends of Middle Eastern dance such as Farida Fahmy, Mahmoud Reda, Hossam Ramzy, Dailia Carella, Morocco and more. I also feel extremely privileged to have taught at Bellydance Congress, Raqs Britannia, the Middle Eastern Dance Conference and at the Majma Dance Festival of which I am the director.
  • For more information on Raheesha’s Glastonbury lessons, check Raheesha’s dance website.

Teacher: Shema


  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: Taunton, Somerset, UK.
  • Level of lessons: from beginners to advanced.
  • Time and cost:Weekly classes in Bradford-on-Tone, Taunton. Exact lesson info from Shema via email.
  • Types taught: Egyptian Baladi, Shaabi/Mahraganat, Moroccan Sha’abi, Bedouin, Khaleegy, Tannoura and Whirling, Advanced Techniques, Drills, Fitness and Flexibility, Sai’idi. Group choreographies, Solos, and Classic bellydance specialist..
  • Contact address:
  • Telephone contact: 07805 354312.
  • Other additional information: Shema is an acclaimed and elegant International Bellydancer, writer, musician and henna Artist. Having spent two years living in Egypt, studying, teaching and performing, she is now back in the UK, developing classes again and performing internationally. Shema specialises in Egyptian Baladi, Bedouin Dance, Bellydance, Tannoura, Fire Sword and Moroccan Tanjaoua Sha’abi as well as other Folkloric styles from across the Arabic World. . Shema is passionate about encouraging both students and audiences to understand the connection between music, culture and technique and consequently is an excellent instructor, now teaching and performing across North America, Morocco, Egypt and Europe including major events such as ‘Raqs Britannia’ (UK), ‘Fantasia (UK)’, ‘Celebrating Dance (UK)’ and the ‘International Bellydance Conference of Canada’.
  • She also gives lectures and writes articles and reviews which have been published in North America and Europe and has been involved in many diverse projects such as music videos, collaborations with Fado singers, TV shows and dance holidays.
  • From 2008-9 Shema was a member of the Arabesque Dance Company and Orchestra in Toronto, Canada and is an accomplished musician, playing the violin since she was 8 years old. Although classically trained, Shema studied Arabic music with Maren Lueg (UK) in Kemanja (Arabic Violin).

Teacher: Carolyne Taylor

  • Stage name: Shamira
  • Location: Yeovil, Somerset, England, UK.
  • Level: various
  • Time/Cost: Information by email.
  • Email:
  • Type teaches: Shamira’s classes focus on various belly dance styles, such as beledi, classical sharq, sha’abi (folkloric bellydance) and Egyptian Gwawazee Egyptian style. Shamira also runs belly dance seminars and workshops in different styles and belly dancing props such as veils and saidi stick.
  • Contact: You can contact Shamira through her website, on for belly dancing classes Yeovil.
  • Latest classes: The Royal Standard, Larkhill Road, Yeovil and the times to Thursdays 6.30 to 7.30pm, price £4.
  • Experience & style: Shamira has been involved in belly dancing for more than ten years, having started performing in 1998. She is knowledgeable in different belly dance styles, such as beledi, saidi, pop, sha’abi, gwawazee and more. Shamira has attended belly dance workshops or classes of many belly dancers, such as Hossam And Serena Ramzy, Wendy Buonaventura, Karine Butchart, Princess Farhana, Sara Kahan, Juliana Brustik, Ozgen and more.
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Valeria is a dance researcher completing a PhD in dance and heritage. Valeria also teaches and performs as a belly dance but also enjoys learning ballet, jazz dance and other dance genres.

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