Belly Dance

Lessons in Korea, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Korean students

Class in Seoul, Korea

Delhi, India Classes

  • Teacher’s name: Katie Holland.
  • Email contact:
  • Location: India, Asia, UK and Europe.
  • Level taught: beginner to professional – teacher training
  • Time and cost: Various. Katie travels extensively and teaches workshops worldwide, although with a focus on India, when she is Asia.
  • Types taught: All aspects of Oriental dance, Sacred dance and yoga
  • Other additional information: Katie performs and teaches across India and Europe and has been dancing since the age of three. She has studied belly dance, samba, African, ballet, bollywood, Gurdjieff Sacred dances, Inner dance, yoga and sacred Nepalese dance. She was an original member of the Hossam and Serena Ramzy company and has worked with many renowned musicians.
  • Interesting information: I love bellydance because it is all inclusive. When I started learning I was fifteen, my teacher was sixty three. She inspired me immensely and I knew it was something I could do for the rest of my life. I have met some of my closest friends through this dance and it has also assisted me with giving birth twice. As I grow older I understand more and more what my first teacher Sylvia told me, that as I had more life experience my dance would grow and develop following whatever was happening to me. It is turning into an interesting journey!

Hong Kong

  • Teacher’s name: Shanaz
  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: Universal Trade Centre Building, Arbuthnot Road, Central HONG KONG.
  • Time and cost of lessons: Day & Evening classes from Monday to Saturday.
  • Types taught: Belly Dance from North Africa and Middle East and fusion.
  • Telephone contact: +852 2525 2503.
  • Other information: Sharqi, Baladi, Folkloric, accessories.
  • Interesting information: The School of Arab Dances provides Belly dance classes and regular workshops for beginners up to professionals. The classes include warm up (stretching and good posture to avoid injuries); basic technique, which is the foundation of belly dance; combinations (short routines using the learnt movements, useful to reinforce muscle memory); choreography, to reinforce what the dancer has learnt and put the moves into contest. Professional Choreographies are used. For more information, see the schools website

Maharashtra, India

  • Teacher’s name: Manpreet
  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: Maharashtra, India.
  • Level of lessons: Beginners.
  • Time and cost of classes: Full time for basic workshop for ten days, contact  Manpreet for the latest prices.
  • Types taught: Egyptian.
  • Telephone contact: 00919096212245 or 00919096212245.
  • Other additional information: I have been teaching belly dance since the age of 2-3 years old. I have learned this art form in India and Hong Kong.
  • Interesting information: Belly dance is a ancient dance and for me it is one of the most graceful dances and is a dance form which I consider one of the best to keep physically as well as mentally healthy. It is like a sacred meditation too.

Seoul, South Korea

  • Teacher’s name: May.
  • Email contact:
  • Location: South Korea, Seoul.
  • Level of lessons: Other.
  • Time and cost: Prices vary depending on level, and private or group.
  • Types taught: Tribal Fusion, American Tribal Style, Oriental, Egyptian Cabaret.
  • Telephone contact: +(82) 11-9784-3446.
  • Other information: Over 12 years experience, I have studied in Egypt, Turkey,Canada, New York and San Francisco USA, and Japan. I think belly dance is the best type of dance to show a woman’s femininity. It’s also great for your physical health.If you are living or temporarily staying in Korea, you can take one of my regular classes, or you can also arrange for workshops or private classes when choosing your vacation in Seoul!

Taipei, Taiwan

  • Teacher’s name: Phoebe YF Hsu.
  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: NanjingE Rd. Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Level of lessons: Beginners.
  • Time and cost Contact Phiebe for updates for the very latest class times.
  • Types taught: Egyptian Style.
  • Telephone contact: 886-9-88108904.
  • Other additional information: Phoebe has 8 years experience of teaching belly dance. With twelve years of learning belly dance. Master teacher-Nada El Masriya, Hannan Sultan 3 yrs of Flamenco background.
    Further information about Phoebe can be found on Phoebe’s blog.
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Valeria is a dance researcher completing a PhD in dance and heritage. Valeria also teaches and performs as a belly dance but also enjoys learning ballet, jazz dance and other dance genres.

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