Belly Dance

South African Classes. Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria

Raqs sharqi routine

Cape Town

  • Teacher: Anita – Moondance Studio.
  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: Blouberg, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Level: Beginners through to advanced.
  • Time and cost: Contact for time slots for all levels of belly dance.
  • Types taught: Egyptian, Fusion, Veil and Fans. Specializing in ATS (American Tribal Style) and also Gypsy Caravan style belly dance.
  • Website: You can find more information out about the Moondance Studio lessons online.
  • Telephone contact: 021-5543905 Cell 083 5703801.
  • Other additional information: Many years of dance experience from age 2. Ballet trained, Yoga trained, teacher of belly dance for 4 years. I specialize in ATS, Fusion, veil and fan dance.
  • Interesting information: As a life-long dancer, the raqs sharqi style particularly appeals to me due to the natural, feminine, pelvic-centred movements, and the grace and supportive group nature of my particular style, American Tribal. This dance is joyful, as well as a wonderful form of exercise to maintain a healthy, supple body and give emotional uplift.

Western Cape

  • Teacher: Nadia Ilaria Ficalbi.
  • Email:
  • Class location: ”The Studio”, Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa.
  • Level of lessons: Beginners, intermediate and mixed levels.
  • Time and cost: Drop in Class from R120.
  • Styles taught: My style of dance is an eclectic mix of Turkish, Modern Egyptian, Lebanese and a dash of Latin to spice it up.
  • Contact address: Please contact me directly via email or cell.
  • Telephone: 0828978055.
  • Experience and style: what I love about belly dance is the fact that each performer has her/his individual style and their personality and life experiences shine through, in spite of all learning the same technique. I love to see that a performer is having fun and really enjoying the music but I also love when a performance is serious and heart felt.
  • More information: I founded Nadia School of Belly Dance in 2004, in Durbanville, Cape Town. I moved to Cape Town from Johannesburg, where I initially performed for 2 years after learning Middle Eastern dance in Gauteng. Once moving to Johannesburg I could finally realise my dream to share the knowledge and love for this art form.
  • I teach a fusion of styles that include Turkish, Egyptian, Lebanese dance and a touch of Latin. I make sure that my classes are fun and I believe that Middle Eastern dance enhances a person’s feeling of self esteem and sensuality and this is what I convey to my students. On top of that, Middle Eastern dance is a great workout and a way to keep fit.

Pretoria, Gauteng

  • Teacher: Badrakamala.
  • Email contact:
  • Location of classes: Valhalla, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. You can find the latest information on Badrakamala’s classes online from her site.
  • Level of lessons: Beginners.
  • Time and cost of lessons: Please email Badrakamala on the email above for updates.
  • Types taught: Mixed levels.
  • Contact address: 0722485922 or
  • Telephone contact: 0722485922.
  • Interesting information: Whether you join our classes for fun and fitness or to enhance your femininity and love yourself, Badra Kamala will make it an exiting journey to follow and help bring out the goddess in you. You are a superior being and dancing is your RIGHT. About Badra Kamala: Badra kamala is a 26 year old passionate dancer. Born in 1983, Badra Kamala always had a passion for dancing, any dancing. She has done Modern dancing, Tap dancing, funk and Hip hop as a child,  not with the aim of becoming a performer or professional dancer but because she loved it. In 2006 she discovered Belly dancing.
  • Being very skeptical about it she tried it and loved it. I told my friend I think she is mad, look at me I am no supermodel. But after one class I was hooked! She was taught by the best Ashara from The oasis belly dancing studio. She has performed in the Wits Theatre alongside Ashara and her studio.

Various Locations

  •  Teacher: Charlotte.
  • Location of classes: Various locations, including Randburg, Sandton, Midrand, Pretoria, Bloemfontain, Witbank, Middelburg and Secunda. However, Charlotte now teaches at clients’ venues, so she can be anywhere. Contact Charlotte for more information and if you would like to organise workshops with her.
  • Level of lessons: Beginners to professional.
  • Time and cost: See for full list of class times venue options.
  • Types taught: Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese – for all levels of students and performers.
  • Contact address: You can also learn more about Charlotte’s dance lessons and what she is up to by visiting her site for information on belly dance classes Randburg, South Africa and internationally.
  • Telephone contact: +27832632913.
  • Other additional information: The most celebrated and televised school in South Africa, Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese styles – full training for all levels of students of the dance and or group and solo cabaret professionals + unsurpassed standards in group and solo performances for family audiences.
  • Absolute fun, join like minded women who crave excitement, body definition, toning and meet new friends – feel special and belong to a brilliant support community – grow, heal and develop much more self confidence and body mind awareness as an individual person, not just be one of the masses – ‘Belly dancing by Charlotte’ have given so many women this. I started teaching my complex combination dance style of the art 1 Sept 1997, based on demand from fellow students and would be teachers and performers.  The healing it has brought so many women is the reason I continue to train.
  • Instructional DVDs: Charlotte has made 2 instructional DVDs from beginner to advanced level for home learning, ‘Jewels of the Nile’. Visit Charlotte’s website for more information and to purchase them.
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Valeria is a dance researcher completing a PhD in dance and heritage. Valeria also teaches and performs as a belly dance but also enjoys learning ballet, jazz dance and other dance genres.

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