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Ilford teachers

Teacher: Wendy Cook

  • Location: Billericay, Essex, England, UK
  • Level: Beginners workshops, courses and Phoenix Ladies classes.
  • Time/Cost: For time and cost, contact Wendy directly through her contact page on Wendy’s Phoenix bellydance classes site.
  • Type of dance: Basic Egyptian Belly Dance.
  • Telephone: N/A
  • Experience & style: I began bellydancing five years ago and have attended workshops by belly dance teachers from all over the world including Jacqui Jamal, Randa, Hossam and SerenaRamzy, Storm, Wendy Marlatt, Charlotte Desorgher and Kay Taylor. I am attending an advanced bellydance course in Chelmsford, taught by Teresa Lewis, to expand my knowledge of Raqs Sharqi. I love to find a piece of music that moves me and create a fusion of moves that interpret the music and are me! Phoenix Bellydance was launched in May 2007 and I taught my first Beginners Course in Sept 2007. I teach basic Egyptian.

Teacher: Rosie Flint

  • Location:Harold Hill Community Centre, Essex. Also St Andrews Parish Centre, Romford, Essex. Belly dance class Romford.
  • Level, times & costs: Email Rosie for further information.
  • Type taught: Fusion style, westernised club fusion.
  • Contact: email:
  • Telephone: 01277374378
  • Experience & style: Rosie has been teaching dance for more than 6 years and she regularly teaches in the Romford, Essex area. Rosie Flint also teaches for the Benazir Eastern Dance Troupe. Students are taught, technique, combinations and various choreographies until they can perform with the troupe.

Teacher: Deniz Taylor

  • Location of classes: Southend on Sea, Essex, UK.
  • Level of lessons: various.
  • Time and cost: Classes vary according to the time of year so please contact Deniz for the latest information.
  • Types taught: Egyptian, Turkish and tribal, ATS and fusion.
  • Contact address:
  • Telephone contact: 07729803783.
  • Other additional information: I have been teaching for 10 years, in UK and Turkey. I use props such as sword, double sword and triple sword. Also, Isis wings, cane,zills, veils, candles and on glasses.
  • Interesting information: I fell in love with belly dancing at the age of 6 when I had my first taste! I am deeply moved by the music and have so much passion for this ancient art form. I love to pass on my knowledge and experience to others and feel greatly rewarded when I see how much this dance seems to set women free! After all these years I still love it!

Teacher: Amandah

  • Location of classes: Home studio, Witham, Essex, UK.
  • Level of lessons: Beginners.
  • Time and cost of classes: 1 hour lessons are private and cost on request.
  • Types taught: a combination of Middle Eastern oriental dance and oriental fluid fusion.
  • Other additional information: I have always danced, though finding belly dance changed my life in so many ways. My first teacher was the lovely Jacqueline Chapman and my other wonderful teachers have been Hilary Thacker, Ava Fleming, Rachel Brice, Anasma and Sharon Kihara. I teach oriental dance daily, I give workshops locally, and I perform regularly. I have a massive passion for dance and, although I teach, there is still so much for me to learn.
  • Interesting information: I have been teaching for 6 years. My dance background includes training and performance in Ballet, Modern, Fusion Dance, and traditional Middle Eastern Dances (Bellydance). I am an experienced nutritionist, passionate about food combining for maximum health, energy and vibrancy.
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Valeria is a dance researcher completing a PhD in dance and heritage. Valeria also teaches and performs as a belly dance but also enjoys learning ballet, jazz dance and other dance genres.

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